About Me

  'IC student with a focused ambition to work within the NeuroEngineering field.'

Currently studying for a Computer Science Bachelor at EPFL, I have built a sound knowledge of Software / Hardware fundamentals as well as some solid Software Engineering and Low-Level programming interests learnt through studies and multiple projects through my cursus.

  • Programming Skills
     Java    Python
     C/C++   MIPS/x86 ASM
     Scala   Git
  • Mathematics
     Probability  Statistics
     Analysis     Algebra
     Algorithms   Optimization
  • Machine Learning See summary
     Data analysis(NumPy, Pandas, PyTorch Basics)
     Classic supervised learning
     Basic concepts of unsupervised learning
  • Mar 2014
     Internship Electronic Engineer
     BOBST SA, Mex
  • Jun 2015
     Internship Computer Scientist
     CGN, Lausanne
  • Jun 2018 - Nov 2018
     Mandatory ER Swiss Army done
     ERPM 19-2, Sion
  • Sep 2019 - Jun 2023
     Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (in progress)
     EPFL, Lausanne,
     Usual computer science path with a particular attention to:
      -Machine Learning
      -Embedded systems
      -Financial economics
  • Aug 2016 - Jun 2018
     High School Maturity
     Gymnase Auguste Piccard, Lausanne,
     Maths and Physics specialization
  • Dec 2018 - Jul 2019
     Cambridge C1 Advanced (CAE)
     EC School , Vancouver,
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My Services

Private lessons

I can give you some tips and help you in certain domain for your study.
Contact me to agree on what subject we can work together!

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Project Development

I'm open to any proposition of software development or Machine learning project.
Don't hesitate to contact me to agree on a project development.

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Video Making

During my free time I love to create cinematographic content.
You can contact me if you have a video project you would like to build with me!

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My Projects


A key-value store project completely programmed in C oriented system


An interactive multiplayer board game about train rails in switzerland completely programmed in Java


We simulated the mechanism of a basic CPU on a FPGA mainly in ASM and VHDL

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Please note that those three projects are actually on my private repos on Github as it is some University projects. Don't hesitate to contact me to take a glimpse at the source code.

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[email protected]

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